Monster Catfish Stocked!

We want y’all to have an amazing time here at Carver Whitetails. There are luxury blinds, bar and games in outpost building, and now a catfish pond stocked with MONSTER catfish!

Yes, it’s all about the deer, but for those who want to get in a little fishing after the hunt, catfishing is here for you too. With a catch and release format, there is plenty of fun for everyone to have!

We had a great time stocking them in the pond. Here’s a few pictures of what you can look forward to!

2023 Hunting Season Success

We are thankful for another great hunting season in 2023 here at our Alabama hunting lodge! The deer harvested this season ranged from around 140″-300″, each with their own exciting story! We had solo hunters, small groups (friends and corporate), families, father/son, and father/daughter groups. We enjoy meeting each person who comes onto the property and appreciate the friendships that are made.

The day after our last group of hunters left, we found these amazing antler sheds (pictured) around 15 feet away from each other in one of the food plots with the redneck blinds. It was a perfect finale for the past few months. Holding these antlers has us excited about 2024 already! Those mature bucks are out there breeding with the does and the future looks amazing!

The word of mouth and repeat bookings are the biggest compliment we can receive and we’re excited to already be booking hunt dates for the 2024 season. Because we are a registered enclosure and inspected in the state of Alabama, our rifle season dates start middle of October instead of the usual middle November for most areas.

If you’re not familiar with beautiful bucks and caliber of genetics in our preserve, we have more pictures towards the bottom of our hunting info page at

We hope to see you here at the lodge soon!

Psalm 42 Ministry

Since purchasing this beautiful land in January 2021, it has been a blessing to us. The world today is designed to keep us busy, focusing on things that don’t really matter, and looking away from God. Being here in the preserve has helped us to recenter our lives and and focus – and that’s to keep looking up!

When we stop and listen to God, He will give directions. Even if we don’t have a full understanding yet of what His plans are for us! What we do know is that there is a need for small group retreat locations and that this place is meant to be shared. Please reach out to us at to discuss us hosting your group. You can learn more about “Why Psalm 42” here: Psalm 42 Ministries

Trail Cameras

It’s always fun to check the trail cams around here. Sometimes we see a raccoon mama with her 4 babies (that’s been fun to follow) or a deer sharing a snack with a rabbit. The fawns are definitely getting bigger too.

The most exciting thing about the trail cams? The velvet bucks growing out! Here’s some of the recent trail cam pictures from the hunting land here at Carver Whitetails – and those antlers are still growing. It’s going to be an amazing fall.

There’s just a few openings left if you’re wanting to hunt with us this season.

It’s Fawn Season

newborn fawn

Excitement is in the air and fawns are on their feet. We’re seeing more each and every day!

When a fawn is first born, like any baby, it spends much of its time hunkered down. As it gains its strength, it will be seen with its mother more and more.

If you ever see a fawn laying alone, anywhere, please don’t disturb it. It’s mama will be back! This is the time of year that so many people truly believe they are being helpful, but they are interfering with nature’s design. That baby fawn is safest quietly waiting for mama to return.